Sponsor 2020

Cisco Systems GmbH

Parkring 20
D-85748 Garching
Tel.: +49 (0) 800-187-3652

About Cisco:
Cisco enables the Internet. We securely connect people, data, processes and things with each other - this is how we drive innovation and benefit the economy and society. Cisco helps companies, government agencies and other organizations take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization - the secure, intelligent connection of everything with everything. To this end, Cisco develops and offers network products and solutions, i.e. network infrastructures, cyber security, data center equipment, video communication and collaboration solutions, cloud/software and services. Cisco focuses on all market segments incl. large enterprises, medium-sized companies, the public sector and service providers. To foster digitisation in Germany, Deutschland Digital was launched, a digitisation acceleration programme. Learn more about Cisco and Deutschland Digital at www.cisco.de/deutschland-digital.

Client references:
MW Group, Daimler, Volkswagen, MAN, Audi, Deutsche Post, Kabel Deutschland, Munich Re, O2, Deutsche Telekom

Portfolio of products and services:

  • Secure Network Connectivity
  • Mobility Solutions
  • IT Business Transformation
  • Unified Computing and Cloud Services
  • Manufacturing Collaboration
  • Smart Factory
  • Connected Car
  • Real-time Incident Response
  • Dealership Solutions
  • Connected Spaces

Your contact person:
Roland Kunz
Head of Automotive