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Consileon Business Consultancy GmbH

About Consileon Group:
Founded in 2001, the Consileon Group is a growing, medium-sized IT and consulting company that supports more than 170 customers from numerous industries. We operate at 16 European locations and provide solutions for the automotive, banking, retail and healthcare industries.

We see ourselves not just as consultants, but also as entrepreneurs. An attitude that characterizes our dealings with each other as well as with our customers. Our company’s sustainable growth results from a seamless integration of consulting and implementation.

Consileon’s clients are served by a total of 450 employees at sixteen locations in five countries. In addition to the headquarters in Karlsruhe, we have offices in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Wolfsburg – among others. Outside Germany, we’re represented in the cities of Salzburg (Austria), Szczecin (Poland), Ettingen (Switzerland) and Kiev (Ukraine).

Our consultants work directly with clients on site. As well as ensuring optimal cooperation, this allows spontaneous arrangements to be made at any time. The sustainable solutions we develop – for public institutions, regional companies and global corporations – always adhere to our guiding principal: Seeing what others don’t an making it happen.

Since our inception in 2001, digitization has been our core competence across all industries. Although Consileon’s experience is wide reaching, our particular focus is the automotive industry. We’ve worked for more than seventeen years in this sector on numerous projects including strategy, digitization, process, IT & technical consulting and software development. A particular spotlight is the digitization of customer interactions. In recent years, we’ve expanded our services further still by providing consulting in the agile transformation of IT, as well as in specialist areas. This ensures our clients can react flexibly, quickly and optimally to market changes.

Consileon’s project management services are purposefully adapted to the agile working world. We have consultants with all levels of experience implementing our services, so they’re always matched to the project in question and have the required level of expertise.

Needless to say, Consileon is a company that takes full responsibility for the implementation of its concepts. Our management, process and IT consultants work hand in hand. Our project teams are interdisciplinary. This results in synergies and an innovative power that enables us to approach the topics of tomorrow – such as agility, customer intelligence or smart mobility – in a targeted and cross-thematic manner.

Portfolio of products and services:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Agile transformation of IT & departments
  • Process consulting
  • Retail advice
  • Worldwide rollout of applications
  • IT & Consultancy
  • Digital transformation
  • Software development
  • CRM, analytics, campaigns (e.g., Salesforce)
  • Automotive digital sales
  • Smart mobility

Client references:
The nine brands of the Volkswagen Group, other OEMs such as Daimler, car-sharing providers, automotive banks and insurance companies, municipalities and government agencies in the field of mobility.