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In the era of IIoT, only those companies will participate in new digital business processes who work with a high-performance technology. FORCAM is supplying manufacturing companies with a best-in-class open and fully flexible IIoT platform solution. It supports companies in significantly increasing their productivity and profitability in the long term and thus the overall value of the company.
FORCAM offers intelligent manufacturing for industrial transformation - whether on-premise, via edge or cloud computing. The solution FORCAM FORCE™ creates the digital twin in real time – an uniform data model from manufacturing to finance. All important MESA Apps are included free of charge, open web interfaces allow free composition and collaboration with own and third-party solutions.

Advantage Connectivity: Companies can digitally connect a wide variety of machines or sensors in the shortest possible time using pre-installed plug-ins. Using ERP adapters, shop and top floor communicate seamlessly with each other. 
Advantage productivity: With the FORCAM solution companies use the most important factory apps "out of the box". More than 70 analysis functions per app enable current and historical analyses of the production - from order management and traceability to personnel and schedule & dispatch. 
Advantage flexibility: Companies independently create their own IT architecture via open web interface. This is made possible by the first open web interface for Smart Manufacturing (www.forcebrigde.io).

Portfolio of products and services:

  • Open IIoT-Platform-Solution
  • MESA Solution out-of-the-box
  • Machine data acquisition 
  • Production data acquisition
  • Smart Factory / Manufacturing
  • Connectivity
  • Digital Twin
  • On-premise / Edge-Computing
  • Hybrid-Cloud / Multi-Cloud
  • IIoT Industrial Internet of Things 

Client references:
AUDI, BMW, Daimler, Porsche; BorgWarner, Grammer, Schaeffler, Woco

Your contact person:
Oliver Hoffmann
CSO – Chief Sales Officer
E-Mail: oliver.hoffmann@forcam.com